It’s International Chocolate Day!

To designate a day around the world specifically for the love of chocolate means it’s important in everyone’s lives. The National Confectioners Association established International Chocolate Day To celebrate chocolatier Milton Hershey’s birth.

“There’s nothing like chocolate. I’d rather not have sugar if it’s not chocolate,” said Wendy Langhorst, visiting from Florida. “It’s calming and sometimes it’s not — it has to be, yeah — it’s a body thing.”

Dark, milk or white… chocolate is one of those irresistible things that draws us all in. Whatever your fancy, today is International Chocolate Day, so indulge in those feel-good endorphins, and definitely have some chocolate!

Don’t just think about chocolate today… actually engage with it in any way you can.

“I think that chocolate really makes you feel good when you eat it. It’s rich, it’s comforting — I’m not sure if I know anyone who doesn’t enjoy chocolate,” said Brittany Rice, owner of Black Bear Bakery in Oak Hill. “It makes me happy; I think chocolate makes everyone happy.”

We love chocolate and it’s creation from the cocoa bean (which can be traced back to ancient times). Barney Stotz says he likes dark chocolate.

“It’s richer, denser, got a little bit of a bite,” said Stotz of Harvey, WV. “But any kind of chocolate’s good — chocolate cupcakes, chocolate cake; chocolate bars, chocolate kisses. How can you go wrong, it’s chocolate!”

To learn more about Black Bear Bakery and their chocolate confectionaries…

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