Hollywood Elementary first-graders make ornaments for Raleigh County tax office Christmas tree

Inspired by Fayette County Sheriff Mike Fridley, Sheriff Jim Canady asked Hollywood Elementary School first-graders to make ornaments for the Christmas tree in the Raleigh County tax office.

These ornaments represent a protected person the sheriff is conservator for… and the public can take an ornament, bring a gift that protected person might like, and Canady will ensure it gets delivered.

“I think it’s a good way to engage the kids to help them understand what the true meaning of Christmas should be… and that’s outreach and giving to others; and also to include these protected persons who may not have family or friends — we can include them in the holiday celebrations,” said Canady.

According to the sheriff, the ornaments will be available for the public to pick up on Dec. 8.

“We would ask that the gifts be returned to the tax office by December the 18,” he said. “Ideally they would be wrapped and we’ll make sure that over the course of the next few days (after the 18th) that we get them to the right people.”

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