Greenbrier West High School student tests positive for COVID-19

CHARMCO, WV (WOAY) – A student at Greenbrier West High School tested positive for COVID this past weekend. The plan is for students to return on Thursday.

This is what they prepared for. As Greenbrier County received its first confirmed COVID case among students this past weekend, the board of education took action to contain a possible outbreak.

“The Health Department had guaranteed us that they’d been quarantined,” said Greenbrier County Schools’ Superintendent Jeff Bryant. “All of their procedures have taken place. The student is safe, so that’s our main concern. We’ve taken further steps to ensure that our employees and students are safe.”

All in-person classes were postponed Monday through Wednesday, and an intense cleaning of Greenbrier West took place yesterday.

“The planning was important,” Bryant said. “You know, we worked the plan, and now we’re putting that plan into process. I thought everyone handled it splendidly.”

There was a possibility of resuming classes on Monday, but the Board felt that waiting a couple of extra days would only benefit students in the long run.

“We love your children,” Bryant said. “And we love your children like they were ours. So, we’re not going to do anything that would put any of them in harm’s way or jeopardy. So we’re going to follow every procedure, and in this case, we’re going to go above and beyond. And we’re always going to go above and beyond.”

Students at Greenbrier West will be back in-person tomorrow, and the expectation is that the county’s plan and procedure will remain as safe and effective as possible.

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