Greenbrier Resort hosts fourth annual Concours d’Elegance

WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, WV (WOAY) – The fourth annual Concours d’Elegance was held at the Greenbrier resort, a three-day car show now winning the title of one of the most prestigious on the East Coast. More than a typical car show, this event is a celebration of the history of the automobile at the Greenbrier.

“I think there are about 84 different cars out here, and some of them are the top-collector cars in the world,” says Cam Huffman, director of public relations at the Greenbrier. “So, these cars are incredible cars in all different classes, and thanks to our sponsor, we were able to open up these cars to the public to come to see for free. It’s a great event, a beautiful day, and I think everybody is having a lot of fun.”

All of the cars featured on the last day of the event were at least 20-years-old. They were separated into 12 different classes ranging from classics, pre and post-war era, and a featured class, this year’s theme being movies and television cars. And many recognizable cars were featured, including one from Austin Powers. 

This car is one of three of the cars produced for Austin Powers Goldmember,” says car owner, Bill Krzastek. “Of the three cars, Warner Brothers kept one for their museum, one was sold at a charity auction to another museum, Jaguar kept this car and used it for promotional appearances for several years, and then they sold it into private hands around 2008.”

Guests got a chance to vote on their favorite cars recognized from these famous movies and TV shows, and special awards were given to the winners. The rest of the classes were professionally judged, and around eleven different awards were given along with a “Best in Show.” But most importantly, it’s just a good time.

“We love it, we really look forward to it all year long,” Huffman says. “When the sun’s shining and when we have great weather, that’s our biggest concern every year. We spend weeks checking the weather forecast leading up to it. But it’s been absolutely beautiful this year, we’re excited and really having a good time. All the works kinda done now, so now it’s time to just sit back and enjoy it.”

Concours d’Elegance is an event dating back to 17th century France and it means “Competition of Elegance.” And as you have seen, these cars certainly are elegant.

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