Greenbrier County Scout Day Camp kicked off some mid summer fun

CALDWELL, WV (WOAY)- The Greenbrier County Scout Day camp kicked off this year at the Greenbrier State Forest. Around 163 campers ages 1st through 6th grade came together for the week-long camp, but campers do not have to be a scout to join the fun.

“We’re looking for kids who are interested in being in scouts,” explained Emily Shirey, Co-director of the Camp. “Boy scouts or girl scouts, and we find that a lot of the campers are having such a great time. They’ve been they want to join a troop in the fall,”

Each year campers have the opportunity to have fun and learn new skills. They have a variety of daily activities that include: sports, nature lessons, knot tieing, archery, arts and crafts, slingshots, and more. This camp runs the first week after the 4th of July. It is not however an overnight camp.

“They come in at 8:30 and they leave by 5:30. So it’s a long day, but we did it that way. So the parents who are going to work at nine and off at five, they can drop their child and then pick them up. They go home,” said Shirey. ” We decided it’s nice that everybody gets home, gets a nice shower, gets a good night’s sleep. So they’re ready the next day.”

This camp has been in the area for about 45 years, and the staff have watched the campers grow up with the camp.

“Basically, our campers go from first grade through sixth grade, and then we have the older scouts who are seventh, eighth, and ninth up to 12. They’re program aides. They help us with the children, so it’s also leadership learning for those teens,” explained Shirey. “And some of the teens have been here since they were first graders. So the progression of growing up in camp and now they’re the people in charge.”

Everyone involved young and old enjoy coming back each year. If you’re interested in sending your child next summer, you can join their Facebook group for more details.

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