Glen Daniel residents asks state to take over ERP permit

GLEN DANIEL, WV (WOAY) – Glen Daniel residents are asking state officials to step in after on-going flood damage caused by an inoperable mining pump.

A group of citizens is furious that the ERP Compliant Fuel company has stopped running a pump that helps prevent nearby properties from flooding. Nearly a hundred homes sit on top of an old Beckley coal mine in the Remington Drive area, and when it rains, and if the pump is not operating, the coal mine fills up and leaves rusty red water in residents’ yards.

“Normal everyday activities such as cutting grass, playing in your back yards, weep to beat. Whatever it might be, or just driving a four-wheeler through certain places, you can’t do that because of the amount of water and the damage,” said resident Tyler Webb.

The pump is connected to the underground coal mine. According to residents, local fuel company ERP has stopped pumping the mine since November because the company no longer has the money to pay the electric bill.

“Since November of 2019 they have not paid the power bill, the pump has not been run one day. Our yards, hayfields, and around our homes are starting to become saturated to the point where we can’t cut hay or mow our yards,” said Webb.

According to the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection (WVDEP), ERP Compliant Fuel has been cited for at least 160 violations. Now, the community hopes state officials will eventually take over the unused mining pump.

“These violations have accumulated for a lot of money that they owe. None of that money to my knowledge has been paid. We want to do exactly what they are supposed to, and that is to keep the mine pump working,” said Webb.

Webb says the community hopes state officials will eventually take over the unused mining pump.

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