Former USPFO security guard says he was fired for raising concerns over COVID-19

BUCKHANNON, WV (WOAY) – A former security guard at the United States Property Fiscal Office in Buckhannon is claiming he was fired due to raising concerns over the pandemic. 

BJ Chambers claims he was terminated for telling some of his colleagues that a coworker had been around people that recently traveled out of the country and was possibly contagious. 

“Another individual who worked there had recently had some medical issues. And I was concerned if he gets this it might kill him. So I contacted him, told him whom I was told was possibly involved in this,” Chambers said.

The next day one of his supervisors contacted him and told him to collect his things. He was terminated the following morning. 

Chambers was an at-will-employee, and his superiors did not specify a reason for the firing. He believes he was terminated for naming specific people that may have been infected, but insists that it may have been necessary to keep people safe.

Chambers lives with his elderly mother and says he was concerned he may bring back the virus if the USPFO didn’t start taking more precautions. 

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