Fayetteville’s Wizard Weekend is bringing magic to Fayette County

FAYETTEVILLE, WV (WOAY)- Visit Fayetteville is hosting their 4th annual Wizard Weekend. Many businesses around Fayetteville are transforming into diagonal alley with the Gaines Estate becoming the Wizarding School. Bill Wells, the owner of the Gaines Estate, explains why they hopped on the wizarding train and joined in the magical weekend every year.

“Well, it’s a community or town-wide festival, and of course, we wanted to support the town, and we have a great property here,” said Wells. “And its historic property kind of fits in with the whole theme of the wizarding weekend. And so, yeah, we wanted to participate and felt we could add a lot to the weekend.”

While many places will have a variety of events, both free and paid for, Wells explains what spells they have to offer.

“Well, there’s going to be lots of events that will be fun for people of all ages here at the Gaines Estate. We have four events and will be hosting the Great Feast on Friday and Saturday nights,” explained Wells. “And then we have the school of wizardry, which will be in the Gaines Estate mansion. We’ll have different classes on different wizard arts, and then we have a paint and sip party here Saturday from noon to two.”

I also got to talk to the professor of herbology, Mandy Wriston.

“This weekend, I’m going to be teaching students how to work with magical plants. So, we’ll learn how to work with them safely. And we’ll learn how to plant them and then take care of them,” explained Wriston.

When you’re not covering your ears from the mandrakes, you can still venture around Fayetteville’s wizarding world, and no matter if you’re a witch, wizard, or muggle, everyone can come to Fayetteville and enjoy their wizard weekend. Don’t worry, if you can’t come this year, the magic will return next year.

Visit the link below for a full list of events during this spell bounding weekend.

WIZARD WEEKEND GUIDE – Visit Fayetteville WV

View the full live interview I had with Wells and Wriston at 5 pm.

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