Fayette County Democratic Executive Committee gets new headquarters in downtown Oak Hill for the upcoming election

OAK HILL, WV (WOAY) – The Fayette County Democratic Executive Committee now holds a central hub for election preparation.

As the November 8th election approaches, a grand opening and a ribbon-cutting ceremony were held for the committee’s new official headquarters. It’s now located at 114 Main Street in downtown Oak Hill.

Many democratic lawmakers and dignitaries joined in the ceremony, as they feel like it will be a place where important work will be had.

“People need to know who their government representatives are and how they can access them,” Democratic Senator for the 10th District, Stephen Baldwin says. “I carry my phone around with me everywhere I go to take people’s ideas, to try and make improvements in West Virginia. So, this is a location where folks can come to ask their questions, to make suggestions.”

The headquarters will serve as the central spot for their effort to hold and even gain more seats in office by being a place to work and host events.

It will also serve as a place where voters can go to pick up yard signs and information, and volunteers can go to send letters and make phone calls.

Most importantly, it will be a way to help the candidates expand their campaign trails.

“Many of us including myself that are running for county commission is running a county-wide campaign, and this is a central headquarters that will help us reach out to people in different areas that we don’t live in,” Democratic nominee for Fayette County Commission, Beach Vickers says.

Local musician Matt Mullins also played a part in the ceremony with a live performance.

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