Employee makes masks for New River Health

SCARBRO, WV (WOAY) – Seamstresses around the country answer the need for more masks in hospitals during the COVID-19 pandemic by making handmade masks for doctors, nurses, and first responders.

As hospital supplies continue to diminish in hospitals across the state. New River Health’s Patient Specialist Representative Kim Lowe got to work making masks.

“This is a traditional accordion-style just like the regular masks and this is the one that they called the foo mask. These would do better for the men,” said Kim Lowe.

Lowe has spent hours making masks and is running out of materials.

“If anyone has quilter out there that have scrap materials 100 percent cotton. If you have four-inch wide elastic if you can donate it to me or anyone that making the masks that would great appreciative,” Lowe said.

Lowe plans on helping as many doctors, nurses, and first responders as she can.

“I’m making 160 for New River right now and I have other others that people keep calling me.”

If you would like to donate or want masks contact Sewhappy121@gmail.com.

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