Destination Downtown finds new way to memorialize your pups

OAK HILL, WV (WOAY) – For those of you who would like to honor your pets, there’s a special place to do that in Oak Hill.

What started as a memorial for law enforcement K-9s hard turned into much more.

The organization Destination Downtown has come up with a perfect way to honor all of our lost pups.

Member of Downtown Destination, Mike Lively, spoke more about what is new to Oak Hill.

“My wife and I were on vacation and had seen the fence that had the locks of love, where people would buy and click them on the fence. We went back with Destination Downtown with an idea we could do something like that. So the dog tag idea came about.”

The land for the Dr. Hamilton Dog Park was donated by The Hamilton Family after their ancestor who would have his dog, Spot, guard his horse and buggy while taking care of patients.

With the park already with such a rich history linked to Oak Hill, the plan is to add another piece of that for the future stories to tell.

“We’re hoping that this would become an attraction itself, so people could come by and see the hundreds or thousands dog tags that are spread around on all of the fences.” Lively said, “Not only come and enjoy the park with their pet, but also find the animals and look at the tags along the fence.”

The City has just installed park benches for the pup’s humans to sit and watch them play. And what better place is there to memorialize a dog than at a park, where even once they move on, they have free land to play.

The dog tags are a perfect way to memorialize your fur-babies that have crossed the Rainbow Bridge. All proceeds go toward new equipment at the dog park.

You can find the form here:

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