Country singer Payton Alexis reaches for the stars

Her lifetime love of country music is stronger than ever… and for Oak Hill native Payton Alexis that means continuing to delight audiences.

For singer Payton, music has always been in her soul and she calls her father, country artist and CCMA entertainer of the year nominee Alan Kinsler a major influence.

“The greatest inspiration — he started putting me up on stage with him at a very young age… and taking me to these different places; Nashville to Texas, we’ve done very large events. So as far as my music, I have to hand it all to him.”

She’s been dreaming about this since she was a child and for Payton to bring this to fruition and connect with her fans is everything.

“It’s a big part of why I do it… I love the fact that I can bring people in and they can have enjoyment out of this.”

The owner of Bluebird Brims and Boutique in Fayetteville, who is sponsoring the aspiring singer — calls her phenomenally talented.

“She is forging her own path, doing her own thing,” said Amber Kirk. “She also promotes a lot of country, which is big here in our area.”

Payton grew up singing southern gospel in different churches, cowboy churches — she calls them, and she and her dad traveled to Virginia and Texas.

“I am a country artist now, most of my shows that I do are festival events.

And she’s also a mom. So it’s all about finding a balance.

“My babies — they love to come to the shows,” Payton said. “They love to dance and enjoy the music; and honesty I have a huge support system.”

Kirk calls Payton a well-rounded artist.

“Not just doing new music like Lanie Wilson but she’s also covering the old country classics.”

Payton is a former American Idol golden ticket winner and Kirk says she will continue to support and encourage her friend’s music career.

“Plan to one day be sitting on the front row watching her sing a large concert of her own.”

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