Community residents share good news in Fayette County

OAK HILL, WV (WOAY) – The Fayette County Chamber of Commerce has partnered with Focus Intent to bring some good news to the community.

Community residents are invited to participate in the fourth series of the Good News Fayette County Event via Zoom on Tuesday, February 23rd from 7 to 8:15 PM. This event will offer a productive and safe way to share and inspire good news throughout our community.
“It’s really to hear what good news is going on in our county and really to inspire everyone to do good and to instill good in others,” says executive assistant Jourdan Saseen.
With the ongoing pandemic hopefully waning, the Fayette County community could definitely use some good news…and that’s what the Chamber of Commerce aims to accomplish through this virtual event.
“The main inspiration,” she says, “came from last year and what the world was going through and seeing how it really affected everyone.”
But while we are still doing mostly everything from home, the Good News Event can serve as a useful platform to share and inspire such good news throughout our community.
“I think everyone being cooped up last year really inspired the event, and you know, how we can really inspire each other, and get together, and share some good news despite what’s going on in the world.”
All community members are encouraged to join in to share new opportunities for community wellness, a new initiative or service, or any other overall good community news. This event is sponsored by Suddenly Spotless and Active Fitness and Physical Therapy. It will include trivia, gift certificates, and cash prizes.  No prior registration is required to participate in The Good News event.  You can find the Zoom link via Facebook or on the Chamber of Commerce website to join.
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