Clean-up begins after Alderson flooding

ALDERSON, WV (WOAY) – The rain continued to wreak havoc throughout the state this past weekend. This time, the counties of Monroe and Greenbrier got hit with flooding that caused extensive damage.

“We had flooding from the area that’s not normally the flood plain,” said Alderson Mayor Travis Copenhaver.

No one was ready for what came this past weekend in Alderson, as heavy rainfall on Friday caused more damage than many could remember. Despite having a flood plain designed to divert in cases like this, the sheer amount of rain proved some of those efforts moot.

“We had houses that are four blocks out of the flood plain that have major structural damage, and it’s because of the bursts,” Copenhaver said. “The rain came and had to go somewhere, and so people had lakes in their backyards and rivers running through their yards that they didn’t normally have.”

Several houses suffered considerable damage, which many were not built to handle. Alderson is partnering with multiple groups in order to spearhead recovery efforts and give its population as much aid as possible.

“The Greater Greenbrier Long-Term Recover Group and Red Cross was here to help us get supplies to get out to people to start cleaning,” Copenhaver said. “And we know from the past FIMA does not recognize a basement as a livable part of a house, but nonetheless we still have mold issues.”

It’s all hands on deck in situations like this. Copenhaver has recognized the communal impact of people joining together to help out, but it’s a testament to the public that he is not the least bit surprised.

“Everybody comes together and they all have to understand that my team, and I and every available resource appreciate everything that they do,” Copenhaver said. “Neighbors helping neighbors has meant a lot with this.”

A Recon team will be in Alderson tomorrow to assist in the recovery efforts.

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