Local veterinary hospital plans to hold sterilization program for feral cats

FAYETTE COUNTY, WV (WOAY) – As more cats seem to be turning up on the streets, Fayette Veterinary Hospital is scheduling a Cat Colony Sterilization Program to help with overpopulation.

Dr. Katie Faulkner said, “There’s a need in our community. There are a lot of feral cats, so cats really without owners, but they just show up and live. People are kind enough to put out food, but even a low number of feral cats around a barn or a house can quickly multiply to a very large number of cats.”

On top of helping regulate the population, sterilizing feral and stray cats can reduce disease transmission and improve the overall quality of a cats life.

“Cats have a great ability to multiply quickly. If you contact any of the local shelters, they will tell you they cannot take anymore cats because they are overwhelmed with their resources and space.”

From March 21st to March 31st, the veterinary hospital will be accepting up to 20 cats daily.

“This is a program for feral and stray cats. It’s not really for people just wanting to bring in their pets. The protocols we use are a little bit different to help save costs of doing these procedures.”

While the overpopulation problem isn’t just in Fayette County, anyone can participate from surrounding counties as long as the cat is taken care of financially.

The cat will receive the spay or neuter surgery, a rabies vaccine and have the option to notch their ear.

“That’s where you remove a piece of the ear. That lets other people know that cat is spayed or neutered and they don’t need to be recaptured and taken to a vet for a spay or neuter in the future.”

The spay will be $59 and the neuter will be $39.

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