Carved bears help beautify town of Oak Hill

OAK HILL, WV (WOAY) – No lions, no tigers, but there are some bears located in Oak Hill.

The Mason Dixon Boys are a business that does wood carvings, with black bears being their most popular.

Travis Crook and his partner Joe Yancey work together to create custom work for local businesses in Oak Hill.

Co-owner Crook says, “We’ve done thousands of bears; bears are timeless. Everybody wants them and everybody wants bears so they can decorate them for the season.”

Many small businesses in the area have bears sitting out front in hopes to catch the eye of a resident, while the bears make for visual advertisements.

One local business just had their custom bear delivered.

Co-owner of The Hive Jennifer Smith says, “We just love the bears. We love how they’re doing something for Oak Hill. I think they’re really unique and different for each business which is super cool.”

Crook says he and his partner are blessed that business is doing so well, as the Mason Dixon Boys have around 20 projects in the works for Oak Hill.

It seems that the town of Oak Hill has a high demand for bears, as you can find them at local shops, high schools and even a local funeral home. It is just a touch of West Virginia in a small town where many people call home.

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