Bola Wrap event in Welch proves to be a rousing success

WELCH, WV (WOAY) – The Jack Caffrey Arts and Cultural Center in Welch hosted an event to demonstrate the Bola Wrap to departments from surrounding areas.

The Bola Wrap is new technology for law enforcement designed to restrain people without force or pain. It’s currently being used by over 200 agencies in 44 states, and today was the first time Bola Wrap was exposed to West Virginia.

“The Bola Wrap is unique in that it’s like a flying set of handcuffs,” said Bola Wrap Technologies Master Instructor Michael Caprioli. “It provides standoff distance for the officer to engage that tactical time, warp the person, and then safely handcuff them.”

Another benefit of incorporating Bola Wrap into police and sheriff’s departments is that it will give communities insight into what tools their departments are using.

“The community should be in favor of giving any valuable tool to their officers to handle situations that they encounter on the street,” said Bola Wrap Technologies Master Instructor Rodney Sherrod. “Because it can vary from time to time what they’re going to deal with.”

The Bola Wrap will make its way into West Virginia shortly and will provide departments with an appropriate measure to gain compliance from those who are putting themselves or others in danger.

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