Bike Jump World Tour in Town

GLEN JEAN, WV (WOAY) – This weekend Camp Royal is hosting its first Bike Jump World Tour. The tour is part of the larger Freestyle Mountain Bike (FMB) World Tour which brings forty of its best riders to southern West Virginia.

“These guys are all pros, this is what they do for a living,” said Camp Royal Sports Director Jaret Brantley. “It’s all about how they do the tricks in the air on their mountain bikes so it’s really cool. The FMB which is the Freestyle Mountain Bike Association sanctions this event and you earn a season long points total which will get you to be able to compete in even bigger events across the world.”

The fourteenth ranked rider in the competition David Lieb considers the Camp Royal course to be one of his favorites due to the people he gets to ride and work with. However he still has to practice to be ready for big events.

“I just try to be on my bike constantly at least a couple months leading up to the event and I try to ride every day sometimes twice a day,” said the 14th Ranked FMB Competitor David Lieb. “So just doing my tricks, repetition, making sure that I feel confident on the bike is the biggest thing. As far as preparing for the event, I like to help out with that when I can too. All the athletes kind of chip in and help work on the jumps and just get everything ready so we can all have a good time.”

In case you think preforming the tricks is easy, try doing them in front of two high ranked world class riders who are the judges.

“We have the number two rider in the world that’s here judging as well as another amazing Redbull rampage athlete,” Brantley said. “They are all going to try to put together a run the riders are going to love and the two guys will score and top guy wins.”

So if your looking for high flying action this weekend come out to Camp Royal.

The event starts at 10 AM Saturday May 8th and runs until dark.

For more information on the bike jump event visit

If you are have a student interested in mountain biking you can visit the Camp Royal website for information on their afterschool and summer camp programs.

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