Betsy Jividen resigns as Division of Corrections and Rehabilitation Commissioner

Betsy Jividen

Charleston, WV (WOAY)- Division of Corrections and Rehabilitation Commissioner Betsy Jividen will resign from her position effective August 5. Governor Justice praised Commissioner Jividen’s dedication to rehabilitating inmates struggling with addiction. Commissioner Jividen stated in her resignation letter, “It has been my greatest professional honor to serve with the men and women of corrections who truly perform one of the most honorable forms of public service.”

Jividen was appointed to the position of commissioner in 2018. The corrections division operates 15 prisons, work-release centers, and related facilities. The commissioner shared news of her resignation with staff in a separate letter, thanking them for their “service, commitment, sacrifices and for not giving up when so many others would.” The letter also states that she is leaving with a heavy heart. However, she shares her personal email address and phone number, eagerly encouraging DRC staff to keep in touch.

Commissioner Jividen was sworn in as an Assistant United States attorney in 1980, becoming the first woman to hold the position in the Northern District of West Virginia. Jividen’s work in civil and criminal cases resulted in her serving two terms as acting and interim US attorney. Additionally, Jividen was named First Assistant United States Attorney by three different United States Attorneys.

Jividen plans to continue her work in public service after her time as commissioner has ended. In her resignation letter to Governor Justice, Jividen states that she looks forward to finding ways to continue working on behalf of men and women of corrections and individuals that make up that state’s incarcerated and reentering populations.





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