Bernie Sanders suspends Presidential campaign

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, a progressive standard-bearer whose campaigns for the Oval Office have helped usher in a left-leaning movement within segments of the Democratic party, has ended his 2020 bid

His departure from the race comes amid a coronavirus pandemic that has roiled the 2020 election cycle. Voters in exit polls across multiple states and on several primary nights indicated that they trusted former Vice President Joe Biden over the veteran senator to handle a crisis. For example, in telephone surveys–which were conducted in lieu of traditional exit polls due to the pandemic, respondents overwhelmingly picked Biden over Sanders as the candidate they trusted more to handle a crisis, by 73% to 20% in Florida, 63% to 32% in Illinois and 63% to 31% in preliminary results in Arizona.

Sanders’ exit from the 2020 field all but assures that former Vice President Joe Biden will likely become the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee.

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