Beckley mayoral candidate Wills denies “shooting” allegations

BECKLEY, WV (WOAY) – A Beckley mayoral candidate, Jim Wills, denies allegations that he threatened to shoot a man. Wills says the police report is fabricated.

“I don’t actually recall saying that I would shoot someone,” said Mayoral Candidate Jim Wills.

According to a police report from the Beckley Police Department, states the candidate threatened to shoot a man who had repossessed a car on August 22, 2019.

“I did follow the truck down Harper Road, and I did try to flag him to get him to stop,” said Wills.

Wills said the car belonged to his deceased mother, and all he wanted was the valuables in the trunk of the vehicle. Wills explained things went south after the repossession agent told him that he would return to Wills’ home in an hour to repossess another car, a truck owned by Wills.

“He then stood there and said that I’ll be back in an hour to pick up your pick-up, I’m going to repo your truck. I said for what reason would you do that because my truck has been paid for two years. He said, well, I have the repo order right here. At his tone and his attitude towards me and I think the police thought that this was not so serious at that point. I simply looked at him and said I would insist that you would not do that. I would prefer you not to come to my property, because if you come to my property and try to take my truck that is paid for that, it probably would be a bad day for us,” said Wills.

Wills also claims the police report had a different date than the actual day of the incident. WOAY’s News Reporter Shakeria Hawkins talked to Chief of Police Lonnie Christian, who said everything on the police report is factual.




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