After commencing Tuesday, murder trial for Rashad “Rico” Thompson continues

BECKLEY, WV (WOAY) – The murder trial of Rashad “Rico” Thompson, 35 of Beckley commenced at the Raleigh County Judicial Center on Tuesday, November 1, 2022.

On Wednesday morning, November 2, the trial continued with testimonies heard from Thompson’s girlfriend at the time of the incident, Felicia Brown.

“I was scared about calling 911, that if he didn’t plan on stabbing me that he was going to, so I thought that if I called my friend and she could just hear what was going on, him telling me that he’s going to kill me, that she could call for help,” Brown testifies.

Thompson is charged with first-degree murder.

He is accused of beating Brown’s 7-year-old disabled son, Tre-Shaun Brown to death with a hammer. He also allegedly attacked Felicia Brown by grabbing, choking, and stabbing her.

Both incidents took place in the late hours of March 17, 2021, in the Lewis Richie Apartments in Beckley.

Raleigh County Prosecuting Attorney Ben Hatfield is adamant that Thompson is committed for the crimes he is accused of. But, Thompson’s Defense Attorney, Stanley Selden is calling the case into question, saying that Thompson is “not capable” of such crimes. He said there is no evidence that Thompson abused Tre-Shaun or any of his other children.

“I only thought that he wanted to harm me so I thought that if she went she could get my children out safely,” says Brown. “She did get my daughter out, she brought her back to me, she ran back for my son and she gasped.”

Brown had run to the neighbor’s house after regaining consciousness. The neighbor found Tre-Shaun dead after going back to the apartment to get her children.

The case against Thompson is expected to take the entire week. Later in the week, the jury is expected to go to the alleged crime scene at Lewis Richie Apartments.

The case is being tried in front of Raleigh County Circuit Court Judge H.L Kirkpatrick.

Brown was the first witness to take the stand. The trial will also hear from a medical examiner among other witness testimonies.

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