A Cool Ridge Farm held their annual “A Walk-through Bethlehem.”

COOL RIDGE, WV (WOAY)- The birth of Jesus is very special to many Christians and their Christmas traditions. You can find a nativity scene almost anywhere during the Christmas season. This local farm held a free live nativity scene called a walkthrough Bethlehem for people to go and enjoy.

This nativity scene is a walk-through display where you’ll go through various scenes of Joseph and Mary’s journey before the birth of Jesus. Before the nativity begins, people can enjoy hot coco and cookies to warm up with before they take their journey. As you walk through you can see and pet live animals and can interact with the people of Bethlehem.

From Roman Soldiers asking for taxes, to salespeople trying to make ends meet, and baby Jesus himself, there was a lot to see with this nativity. I got to talk with the coordinator of a walk-through Bethlehem about their why.

“About 15 years ago, god lighted on my heart to do the walk-through Bethlehem. And a friend of mine, Shelley Mitchell, she took my idea with me. And we started it back then. And it just keeps growing every year. And it’s just a blessing to the community. And it’s something that God light on my heart to do for our community,” explained Christy Parent, the coordinator of the A walk through Bethlehem.

If you would like to visit it, they will have another showing tomorrow, December 16th from 6 to 9 pm.

Check out our full live interview with Christy Parent!

Live Nativity Scene! – YouTube

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