30,000 pounds of milk lost after tanker truck crashes

Two people sustained injuries after a tanker truck rolled onto its side Monday afternoon.


The single vehicle crash occurred just after 1 p.m. in the eastbound lane of US Highway 34 at the Wapello County and Jefferson County line.

An Iowa State Patrol trooper at the scene told KTVO that the truck veered to the right shoulder of the highway, over-corrected back to the left, and rolled the vehicle to the driver’s side.


The vehicle then slid on its side for about 200 yards before coming to a stop.


Firefighters from Batavia and deputies from Wapello and Jefferson counties approached the accident cautiously at first because they were unsure of the tanker’s contents.


After speaking with the driver, the material inside of the tank was determined to be 30,000 pounds of milk, or around 3,500 gallons.


Two occupants in the vehicle were banged up in the crash, but did not require further medical assistance.


The milk was dumped into the median of the highway so recovery crews could flip the tanker back to its wheels.


The trooper on scene said the driver would be cited for failure to maintain control of the vehicle.



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