Wyoming County water project progress

SABINE, WV (WOAY) – Wyoming County is hoping to have completed work on its water system by the end of the summer. In order to break ground on plans for a new water system, the Wyoming County Commission needed a source for the actual water. In the Upper Laurel Fire Department, it found the spot to get started.

“The source is gonna be a permanent source,” said Wyoming County Commission President Jason Mullins. “We feel like it’s going to be plenty of water, and we won’t run into the same problems as we did last time. Currently, they have about 120 feet more line to put in the ground. And they have to bring power source APS to run power to the site.”

The new source is set to be ready by fall, ideally eliminating previous issues with a lack of water in the area. However, setting deadlines on this project hasn’t been easy with the constant issues presented by COVID-19.

“It’s made everything more difficult,” Mullins said. “From the amount of meeting times and the way we meet to talk about the water problems to decide on where we’re going to get funding at. There’s been several obstacles.”

The Governor has been very helpful in getting the water system overhaul off the ground and bringing it to fruition. But in spite of the progress on the current project, the Commission won’t be satisfied until all parts of the county have been seen to.

“Water projects have been on the top of our commitment since we’ve started,” Mullins said. “So, it feels great that we fix a problem, but there are still customers in this county, there are still residents that don’t have water. So it’s ongoing.”

After completion of this portion of the project, the Commission has plans to eventually upgrade everyone in the county to a larger water system.

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