Wyoming County reopens courthouse

PINEVILLE, WV (WOAY) – The reopening of the Wyoming County Courthouse is notable in terms of restoring normalcy to the population. However, the conditions under which the Courthouse is reopening show that it isn’t quite back to the way that it was. 

“We allow two persons in each department at one time,” said County Clerk Jewell Aguilar. “We have a deputy at the door at all times that gives a card to whichever office the person wants to go in to. And until those people come out and finish their business, no one else is allowed in those departments.”

An essential factor in allowing people back into the Courthouse is balancing business and safety between both the public and Courthouse employees. The Wyoming County Sheriff’s Department is playing a key role in establishing that harmony. 

“So far from the two days that we’ve been running it,” said Wyoming County Chief Deputy Brad Ellison. “The public has been awesome. We ain’t had issues. We sit out there, if they’re pulled up we talk to them. It’s a good way, even as police officers, to get to interact with the public and talk to them.” 

While there may be marginal traffic within the Courthouse, the number one priority remains the safety of the people. If the current process proves to be working, restrictions could slowly be lifted regarding the allowance of people into the Courthouse. But don’t expect the importance of the public’s health to change anytime soon. 

“We want to keep everyone safe while we transact business,” said Aguilar. “Everyone has business they have to take care of and we’re just trying to do everything to the best of our ability.”

“We’re trying to keep everybody safe,” said Ellison. “Not only the public, but the employees in the courthouse.” 

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