Wyoming County officials react to general election

PINEVILLE, WV (WOAY) – Continuity is the theme around Wyoming County after a relatively stress-free general election. Many officials either won their seat in the primaries or ran uncontested as an incumbent, giving them ample time to plan for a new term.

“We’re very excited to continue in the role that we’re doing,” said Wyoming County Prosecuting Attorney Mike Cochrane. “Serve the people of Wyoming County. We’re pretty excited about moving forward with a lot of things that we feel need to be taken care of.”

Chief Deputy Bradley Ellison has spent this year preparing to take over as Sheriff in 2021. Running unopposed in the general election only further cemented that that appointment is quickly approaching.

“It’s exciting,” Ellison said. “And then it’s also a little bit nerve-wracking, because come January 1st, I will have a lot more responsibility on my shoulders. Not only with 20 officers, but the Sheriff also runs the tax department.”

Cochrane has fostered an environment of sustainability throughout the county over the several years that he has served as prosecuting attorney.

“The plans are to go ahead and continue the work that we’re doing prosecuting,” Cochrane said. “Hopefully to the fullest extent that we possibly can with the situation of everything. The faces, factually, in each and every case.”

With the general election officially in the books, the focus shifts to the end of 2020 and beyond for those established in office.

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