Wyoming County already seeing effects from the opening of the Coalfields Expressway

MULLENS, WV (WOAY) – The opening of the Coalfields Expressway was always an exciting proposition for Wyoming County.

Connecting with Raleigh County would hopefully increase traffic and business to Mullens, and eventually trickle to other parts of the county. Three weeks in, local leaders have already noticed an impact.

“It’s obvious that it’s a beautiful drive and a beautiful way to get to Wyoming County,’ said Wyoming County Commission President Jason Mullins. “Our local business there in the town of Mullens, and probably Pineville too, are seeing an impact. There are citizens that live in Raleigh County that are now coming to Wyoming County to visit our business and their local merchants.”

Mullins added that although the sample size is small, it’s exciting to picture the possibilities for continued economic growth going forward.

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