WVU Tech, Beckley Sanitary Board team up to test city sewer lines

BECKLEY, WV (WOAY) – WVU Tech students are working with the Beckley Sanitary Board to test sewage in the city.

Students and board members sent artificial smoke through sewer lines in the areas of Dexter and Fairview Avenues to check for leaks.

Based on the results of the test, the students will make note of any concerns for both follow-up studies and work in the future.

“It helps us apply what we’re learning, which is mostly written, on paper and formulas,” said WVU Tech Civil Engineering Student Shawneha Fennimore. But, it also helps us see. Myself, I’m a hands on learner. So being able to do it with my hands and actually know what I’m going to be experiencing when I graduate. I think it’s a great experience because it helps us be able to apply it a lot better.”

Through assessments like the smoke test, the Beckley Sanitary Board offers real-world chances for students to apply engineering skills.

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