West Virginians celebrate 158th birthday and vaccination sweepstakes

Charleston, WV (WOAY) – Celebrating 158 years of the wild and wonderful is certainly something that every West Virginian can be proud of.

On top of celebrating 158 years of the wild and wonderful, West Virginians gathered for the first-ever Do It For BabyDog Vaccination Sweepstakes.

Gov. Jim Justice said, “Just the beauty of this place is unbelievable. Your craftsmanship is unbelievable. You absolutely have the four most beautiful seasons and you are the treasure. You really are.”

Gov. Justice and his famous pup BabyDog were in attendance to announce the first million dollar cash prize winner, among many other rewards.

“So today, right now, we’re going to give some West Virginian, through the lottery commission, a million dollars. It’s unbelievable.”

From the birth of our great state to millions of dollars being given away, that still wasn’t the last of what West Virginians were celebrating.

Gov. Justice officially signed the executive order to lift the West Virginia Statewide Indoor Face Covering Requirement.

“If you choose to continue to wear a mask, that’s fine. But absolutely, it is no longer mandatory that you do so, even though you haven’t been vaccinated in our public building.”

Do It For BabyDog: Save A Life, Change Your Life Vaccination Lottery seems to be doing the trick as the state of West Virginia has the lowest active COVID-19 cases since September of 2020, where only four out of the 55 counties are yet to be in green status.

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