WV Fifth Most Expensive State For Groceries

OAK HILL (WOAY) – West Virginia ranks fifth on the list of the most expensive places to shop for groceries in the nation.

Research done by ‘MOVE.ORG’ finds the average West Virginian spends about $427.19 a month at the grocery store. That is $71.69 more than the national average.

Honolulu, Hawaii ranks number one when it comes to spending at the grocery. The average resident in Honolulu pays $556.76 every month. That’s over $200 more than the national average.

With three exceptions (Washington, Alaska and Hawaii) the states where food costs the most are all either eastern or southern states.

Many of the states with the lowest food costs are in the west, though there is one exception. New Hampshire actually has the lowest food costs in the nation.

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