Winterplace sees huge community outing for first day open

GHENT, WV (WOAY) – Winterplace Ski Resort has finally opened after a hiatus during the off season.

According to Tom Wagner, the Executive Vice President at Winterplace, temperatures in recent weeks have been low enough for snow production and now the slopes are finally ready for the skiers and snowboarders to take advantage. 

“We’re excited, Mother Nature has provided some great seasonal temperatures over the past couple of weeks. Our snow makers have been hard at it and we’ve got great condition for opening day,” Wagner said.

It’s only the first day of the season and there are already dozens of people out on the slopes. Winterplace staff has been hard at work for weeks training new staff and trying to get prepared for the season. And now locals and tourists from all over the region are flocking to hit the slopes. 

“Me and a couple of my friends here and my sister headed up here for the first time all year. Came up here to get a good snowboard session in,” one snowboarder said.

Although the ski resort is only open for so many months throughout the year, the staff are constantly busy preparing for the upcoming season. They’ve recently been training new ski instructors to teach beginners about the hobby. 

“You start getting ready for the next season as soon as you finish one. And there’s everything from upgrading the snow making system, to bringing on new employees. Today we’ve got a lot of ski school folks that are here training so they can share their love of the sport with others,” Wagner said.

They’re also putting in COVID precautions to keep patrons safe. Temperatures are checked when you first arrive and masks are required in doors and on the ski lifts. They want everyone to do their part and keep things open. 

“It’s been a lot with the COVID. It’s going to be a little bit different this year. But what we like to say is cover your nose so we don’t have to close.”

If temperatures are consistent then the ski season will likely last until March.

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