Winter Fire Safety tips!

BECKLEY, WV (WOAY)- With the cold winter months ahead of us. Most people think that you don’t have to worry about fire safety. But according to the Beckley fire department, winter is the most dangerous time for fires.

With the winter being the most dangerous season for fires, staying safe and alert is key when it comes to fire safety. While there are obvious reasons that could lead to a fire, there are some you may not suspect. Captain Gregg Blevins at the Beckley Fire Department explains.

“Well, a big cause of fires here this time of  year is space heaters. Space heaters are good, but there’s some things you need to take into account when you’re using them. One of the main things is only plug them into an outlet. An extension cord is not a heavy enough wire space heater, and it would be all too much power through that wire, and could cause a fire,” explains Capt. Blevins. “We sometimes have frozen pipes this time of year, and if you’re thawing your pipes, be really careful if you’re using a torch because we’ve had people set, set fires with torches, too. Of course, there’s always cooking safety. We have a lot of fires from cooking. People will leave their pots unattended, and they’ll catch fire and burn your house down like that.”

If a fire occurs, the American Red Cross says what you should do when responding to a fire.

1. Do not open warm/hot doors; use a secondary exit instead, and if you cannot stay put and use a white sheet or clothing to wave out an available window.

2. Stay low as you exit. Staying low to the ground will help you avoid breathing in smoke.

3. Get out of the house and call 911

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