West Virginia’s Longest Trail Race Attracts Hundreds of Runners To Region

Oak Hill, WV (WOAY-TV): This first Saturday in November was West Virginia’s first and only 100 mile trail race and the weather was perfect.

We were at Ace Adventure Park, where it all started and ended. There were approximately 250 runners making the 100-mile trek from Ace Adventure Resort in Oak Hill to Ansted and back with temperatures starting out in the frosty upper 20s. Along the early part of the journey, close to mile 26 of the 100 mile race, spectators were out cheering on their favorite runners. The temperature was in the lower 60s, so it was a very warm day for these avid runners as they made the trek through southern West Virginia.

One fan group was cheering for Robert Palmer.

To get through this 100-mile journey, of course, runners need to be fueled constantly.
The Cunard aid station had plenty of food, including pancakes. It takes plenty of volunteers for this 100-mile trek across southern West Virginia. Volunteers came all the way from Cincinnati.

Michael Owens said, “Yes, I’m pacing, my friend Matt Cooper, he’s a participant in the race and he should be coming in any moment here. But yeah, my goal will be to keep him on track. Kind of be an extra set of eyes as well to make sure he’s seeing the course markings. Remind him to take this gels and his food and then remind him to stay hydrated.”

Volunteer Johnny Osborne said, “Yes, it is the longest running in West Virginia and Brian Baker, the director, came over and contacted us with the town. And we use this as the halfway point. And it has worked out for everybody that we have a good team here, that. All the volunteers have a good time to help the runners. They are in good hands knowing that they have running water, battery, electric.

And congratulations to our first place finisher, Emmanuel King of State College, Pa., with a time of 16 hours and 39 minutes. The second place finisher was Darrell Dorsey of Frederick, Md.

King said, “I just come out that way better than you expected. And that was amazing.”

Dorsey said, “I did (enjoy the course). I say it’s my third time doing it. I keep coming back because the course is so nice. The people are so nice and so nice.

Not to be outdone, the bling for the runners has a special handcrafted touch to each piece.

Race Director Bryant Baker said, “Here locally, we’ve got like a local metal worker. A friend of mine makes our first place in the women’s trophy. Then, we’ve got these sweet wooden plaques. Another buddy of mine makes really awesome crafted items for the first three places and a local pottery company also contributed. We have paint glasses for everybody; that is pretty cool. And then we got belt buckles. That’s a big part of ultrarunning is you get a belt buckle when you finish.”

The camaraderie in this race was amazing.

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