West Virginia Senate passes Tebow sports bill

OAK HILL, WV (WOAY) – Home-school students in West Virginia could play on public school sports teams under a bill the Senate passed Tuesday. Senators voted 24 to 9 to approve the bill.

“It’s a big deal right now because it’s different. In a year or so you won’t notice. I don’t think that there’s going to be that many kids on the team that are actually home-schooled,” said home-school mother and teacher Kristen Adkins.

The bill was dubbed the Tim Tebow act after the sports star who played in Flordia private and public school as a homeschooler and later made it to the NFL. Oak Hill native Adkins says she just wants her kids to have the same opportunity as others.

“I have two friends, not in this county but in other counties who actually put their children in public school just for the sports aspect. So they may decide okay we may go back to homeschooling like our previous years and continue our lifestyle,” said Adkins.

The home-school students would have to meet the same academic and disciplinary standards as other players on the school team.

“I think that its time for a change. There are 34 other states and actually every legislative session every year in every state more and more and eventually, I think every state would allow home-schooler to participate,” said Adkins.

The bill now moves to the house of delegates.

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