3M recalls earmuffs due to risk of sound overexposure

Oak Hill, WV (CNN)—About 40,000 sets of noise-reducing earmuffs have been recalled because they could expose people to hearing loss. 

The recall involves 3M Peltor X4 series earmuffs. 

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission — the earmuffs can develop cracks, which could lead to overexposure to loud noise and sound. 

The recalled earmuffs were manufactured between March 2020 and September 2022.  

You can find the manufacture date outside the earmuff’s earcups. 

They were sold on Amazon and at industrial distributors in the US and Canada. 

You should stop using them immediately and contact 3M for a replacement. 

For more information about the recall, visit CPSC.gov.

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