West Virginia delegate faces quid pro quo sexual harassment allegations; Opponent responds

Photo Credit: Ballotpedia

Oak Hill, WV (WOAY) – West Virginia Delegate Austin Haynes from Fayette County faces allegations of Quid Pro Quo sexual harassment.

According to Lootpress, who interviewed Attorney Stephen P. New, retained by the woman pressing charges, Haynes reportedly offered to support a bill during this year’s general session in exchange for sex.

WOAY contacted the State Chairman of the Republican Party and the County Commissioner for comment, and both denied any knowledge of the allegations.

Haynes is a current Republican candidate for House District 50 facing Elliot Pritt. WOAY spoke with Pritt regarding the allegations against Haynes:

“The allegations against my opponent are concerning. I do not condone any individual using their position as leverage for quid-pro-quo arrangements. I have committed myself to the people of Fayette County, and I intend to continue my campaign of talking with voters every day and earning their trust and support. When elected, I will remain committed to representing all people in the 50th Delegate District of Fayette County and the good people of the state of West Virginia.”

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