West Virginia Attorney General’s Office argues appeal in State Supreme Court on Hope Scholarship Act

Charleston, WV (WOAY) – Attorney General Patrick Morrisey argued in the State Supreme Court of Appeal today urging judges to lift the permanent injunction against the Hope Scholarship Act and remand the case back to Kanawha County Circuit Court.

According to the appeal, Morrisey alleges the circuit court incorrectly found the Act interferes with the Legislature’s duty to provide “thorough and efficient systems of free schools.”

Morrisey further states the court “misread the Hope Scholarship Act to find it takes money from the school fund, interferes with the State Board of Education’s role, and is a special law.”

The Hope Scholarship provides money to students leaving the public school system. The scholarship allows families to use funds for expenses such as tuition or extracurricular activities.

Morrisey states that the Act is not a voucher program, unlike similar legislation in other places, and students can use funds for educational ends beyond tuition and fees.


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