Dragon’s Den Gaming is hosting one of the first Disney’s Lorcana Championships

BECKLEY, WV (WOAY)- Disney’s Lorcana is a trading card game like Pokemon or YuGiOh.
The game came out in late August of 2023.

Although Disney’s Lorcana has only been out for less than a year, it has gained a lot of popularity even here in West Virginia. The first round of tournaments will be taking place right here in Beckley.

Dragon’s Den Gaming is holding Disney’s Lorcana Into the Inklands set championship.
Dragon’s Den applied to be able to host this, and when they were accepted, they started the month-long planning process.

Allen Walker, the owner of Dragon’s Den, explains how the championship will run tonight.

“There are five rounds, each every 15 minutes. And then at the end of that we have to do what’s called a top cut eight, which means the top eight people have to go into another mini tournament,” Walker explained.

The winners of the event will win limited edition Stitch playing mats and cards. Even if you miss tonight’s tournament, Dragon’s Den Gaming will host other Disney’s Lorcana events in the future.

“Any other Wednesday, we play casually. Everyone’s invited. We’re a very welcoming group, and anyone who wants to learn how to play, stop by, we’ll teach them.”

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