West Virginia agencies launch anti-vaping campaign

The West Virginia Department of Health and Human Services are partnering with the West Virginia Department of Education to launch an anti-vaping campaign.

It’s called West Virginia’s Future: Don’t Let Vaping Cloud It, and it will offer a vaping-prevention curriculum to students in every county.

The use of e-cigarettes is a significant issue facing West Virginia youth, with approximately half of all high school students reporting using e-cigarettes in 2021,” said Dr. Matthew Christiansen, State Health Officer and Commissioner for DHHR’s Bureau for Public Health. “This curriculum has been shown to effectively increase knowledge of the dangers of e-cigarettes and reduce nicotine vaping and overall tobacco use among students.”

According to a press release, kids start experimenting with e-cigarettes at the age of fourteen, and the curriculum is intended to stop it before it even happens.

“E-cigarette use in West Virginia schools can have profound impacts on the future of young people,” said State Superintendent of Schools Michele L. Blatt. “Together with our partners, including school teachers and counselors, we aim to decrease vaping among our students, and empower them to make informed decisions so they can lead healthier lives.”

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