Welch Rehab Center forced to limit capacity due to COVID-19

WELCH, WV (WOAY) – The rise in COVID-19 cases is hurting capacity for more than just hospitals.

The HOPE Rehabilitation Center in McDowell County is coming up on its one year anniversary of opening.

It was able to hold 12 patients when it first opened, but was forced to cut back to six as the pandemic continued. Staff members say conditions are stable at the center and they’re hoping to spread more awareness in the community.

“It has been rather difficult getting our name out in the community to let them know that this is here and what we do,” said Director of Substance Use Disorder Services Matthew Huffman. “It is a detox center, but we also do medical stabilization. If you have some uncontrolled medical issues, we can also get that stable.”

Huffman says once the spread of COVID-19 is more contained, the HOPE will try to increase capacity again.

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