Warner Announces New Online System for Licensing Services

Charleston, W. Va. – Starting a business, applying for a professional license, and renewing current businesses and professional licenses have never been easier, faster, or more efficient in West Virginia history. Continuing his effort to increase online services to West Virginia customers and businesses, Secretary of State Mac Warner is announcing the quick adoption rates and success of the recently launched Secretary of State’s new online Enterprise Registration & Licensing System (ERLS).

At a cost of $1 million, the new ERLS is a significant investment in our state’s businesses, professionals, and entrepreneurs, providing 24-hour access to online services for registration and filings relating to Notaries, Charitable Organizations, Professional Fundraisers, Private Investigators, Marriage Celebrants, Athlete Agents, Scrap Metal Dealers, Trademarks and Apostilles. Offering customers the option of receiving the vast majority of the Secretary of State’s services completely online 24/7 will eliminate over 150,000 pieces of paper annually, significantly reduce customers’ wait time, allow for instant approval for notaries and charitable organization filings, and save the state hundreds of thousands—if not millions—of dollars in the long run.

West Virginia’s new Enterprise Registration & Licensing System is the quickest, most efficient, accurate and secure way to get filings processed. The new system also allows an individual or business entity to pay fees by credit card or electronic check at the time of filing, eliminating any wait times for processing.

“We’re using state of the art technology not only to help new businesses organize in West Virginia but to also to maintain individual licensures and registrations with ease,” Warner said. “Over the last several months, our Business & Licensing team and our Technology Division have been carefully developing and implementing this technology. The data shows that customers are very quickly accepting and using the Enterprise Registration & Licensing System throughout the state.”

According to current data, in the month of October, 75% of online notary registrations have been completed online. In just two months since the ERLS launched, 53% of online notary renewals have been completed online and 31% of marriage celebrant registrations have been completed online. That means in just two months since launching, for those categories, more customers are using the online option over the paper registration or renewal options.

The ERLS is the most recent addition to a long list of services that have been placed online, transforming the office and its services available while increasing speed and ease so customers can spend as little time as possible interacting with the government. In the past 4 years, other Secretary of State services moved online include UCC filings, Campaign Finance Reporting System, online absentee ballot requests, sole proprietor look-up tools, the award-winning business start-up wizard, and the award-winning One Stop Business Portal which lays the foundation for any state, county or municipal agency to participate in placing all business requirements in one location.

According to Warner, over the last three years, his office has worked closely with the West Virginia legislature and the Governor’s Office to transform the way West Virginia businesses and customers conduct business with the State, including in-person and online services. It’s never been easier to do business in West Virginia, and the launch of the Enterprise Registration & Licensing System takes West Virginia to the top in convenience of services to our customers.

The link to access the Enterprise Registration & Licensing System is: erls.wvsos.gov.

If you have any questions using the new Enterprise Registration & Licensing System, please contact the WVSOS Licensing Division at 304-558-6000.

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