Volunteers paint new mural in downtown Bluewell

BLUEWELL, WV (WOAY) – A Mercer County politician and a volunteer paint a mural in Bluewell. 

Greg Puckett has been painting buildings and murals around Mercer County for years. And over the past few days, along with some help from volunteer and painter Jennifer Farmer, they painted a new mural in downtown Bluewell.

Puckett says the murals help drive tourism, which is an extremely important factor for economic growth in rural communities. 

“We’re combining two of the things that I think are what I’m most passionate about, the arts and tourism. And we’ve been working with the Convention and Visitors Bureau to come out here in Bluewell and paint a new ‘Welcome to ATV Country’ mural on the side of Tops Electronics,” Puckett said.

Bluewell is nearby many riding trails, and sees tourists drive by throughout the year. 

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