Volunteers meet up to do maintenance work on local trail system

FAYETTEVILLE, WV (WOAY) – A large group of local volunteers from the Fayette Trail Coalition, Wolf Creek Trails, and dozens of others who are just simply passionate about the outdoors came out to Wolf Creek Park Sunday to do some trail maintenance.

This trail work on the Wolf Creek property has been an ongoing project for about three years and it is still growing. Those involved with the project are excited about developing more opportunities for outdoor access.

“Having access to the outdoors teaches people a love for the area and where they live, it encourages exercise and well-being, as well as introduces them to places they’ve never been before,” says Abbie Newell, Director of Fayette Trail Coalition.

So far, the volunteers have created around 17-miles of trails and are working to create even more, but currently, they are focused on connecting two existing trails together. However, this project is connecting way more than trails, but it is bringing people together through a shared love and appreciation for our local, beautiful outdoors.

“It’s a lot of fun. You don’t really know what you’re getting into until you come out here and hang out. It’s a great social event as well as a work event. And it’s good to get outdoors, and it’s also great to have a lot of trails to hike and bike on, says a local volunteer, Gene Kistler.

The volunteers started this season’s trail maintenance back in October. They usually meet about once a month on Sundays, and they anticipate having a couple more trail workdays before the beginning of the peak outdoor summer season. Volunteers throughout the community who have already been involved are happy to help take the project even further and see where it goes.

“There’s a lot of excitement behind the trail maintenance work and just new trails coming to their town. A lot of people are getting behind it and it’s just great grassroots, neighborhood trail building,” says Sam Shaver, another volunteer.

Anyone who is interested in volunteering to help with this trail development project can participate. All you need to bring is a pair of gloves, boots, water, and a sense of readiness to help out. The tools will already be provided.

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