Visit Fayetteville hosting First Friday September Community Night

Explore all downtown Fayetteville has to offer on First Friday September Community Night (today, Friday, Sept. 1) from 5pm to 9pm.

“First Friday of the month we shut down Court Street, which is kind of in the heart of our downtown. We have a bunch of vendors, food trucks, live music, the shops stay open for extended hours, and for this event we’ve also invited a bunch of different community organizations,” said executive director Tabitha Stover. “You can kind of come downtown, enjoy the fun but find out what all groups are in town and ways to get kind of involved with the community.”

Visit Fayetteville is kicking off First Friday to bring together the local community and visitors to celebrate downtown Fayetteville.

The executive director said folks come from all over for First Friday and she calls it great to see everyone connecting this way.

“When you get a small town together; the fact that you want to have a block party the First Friday of the month, support your local shops, come out, eat, and just bring a lawn chair and hang out downtown, I think it’s kind of a unique place to be and a fun community with a lot of great people and we like to embrace that,” said Stover.

They can get by doing events like this because they have so much support. Tabitha calls it a community-wide effort.

“It’s put on by the Fayetteville merchants, which is all the businesses downtown, there’s not any kind of funding to do this event, so it’s people just volunteering,” the executive director said. “They’re calling a friend to play music and kind of the things that you can get by within a small town to make it happen.”

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