Virtual learning programs may be troublesome for families without access to internet

WELCH, WV (WOAY) – Recently McDowell County’s board of education announced plans for the 2020 school year involving virtual learning. 

Half of the students will go to school in person and half will attend online, and then they will switch multiple times throughout the semester. But many areas in McDowell County don’t have any reliable internet options, making it difficult to use the virtual learning plan.

According to the McDowell County Superintendent Carolyn Falin, they’re planning to help families if they end up in a situation like that. 

“It is recommended of course that they have a good internet connection at home, but if they do not we’ll be able to download content for them and they can do the work. And then they could upload the content when they did have access. We are going to add some wireless access points and public access points in our school parking lots for families.”

The school year is planned to start on September 8. 

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