U.S. Postal Service helps those in need this holiday season

FAYETTE COUNTY, WV (WOAY) – The United States Postal Service began to receive letters to Santa over 100 years ago. In hopes of keeping the magic alive, Operation Santa was created.

A program set out to help families in need during the holidays, all letters can be adopted to make a child’s wish list come true.

United States Postal Service WV Spokesperson Susan Wright said, “It has evolved over time into what it is today. That means it is completely online. Letters are posted online and potential letter adopters can view those letters online.”

Remember, each listed is filled with the imagination of children, as USPS advises letter adopters to keep an open mind.

“Kids don’t just ask for toys.” Wright said, “They ask for everyday essentials like warm clothing, coats, mittens. But also, don’t be put off if someone is asking for a toy that you might think is extravagant, because after all, it is a wish list.”

It is not required to purchase all items on a child’s wish list, rather provide what they can for this holiday season.

“It’s the thought that counts and we appreciate any letter adopters for our Operation Santa.”

The deadline to participate is approaching. Any letters addressed to or from Santa must be postmarked by Dec. 10.

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