UPDATE: Police speak out about Monroe County Homicides

LEWISBURG, WV (WOAY) – This past weekend, two children, a seven year old and a toddler, were found dead in Indian Creek near Greenville.

Police were notified of the bodies by two local fishermen, and an investigation by the State Police followed. Andy Evans, District Commander and first sergeant for the State Police, says the case has been tragic for everyone involved. 

“This is a unique case because we have small children involved, which always seems to amp the case up a little bit emotionally,” Evans said.

The State Police conducted a search for the children’s parents and they were eventually found dead near their home in Ballard. The parents became involved when police responded to an arson call at their residence around the same time that the children were found. A possible meth lab was then discovered at the parents’ home and police quickly connected the two cases.

The search for the parents lasted close to 24 hours. Evans said the search was made easier when the parents’ vehicles were found abandoned. 

“Through investigation we figured out what kind of vehicles they had, we started following up on that. And was able to narrow it down to a certain vehicle and then we located that vehicle abandoned. And then we started the search process from there.”

With the search lasting so long and the volatility of the case, police were working around the clock to find answers.

“This is an exhausting investigation, or anything like this is exhausting for the guys. We have to work in shifts. We’re working in shifts, but we’re still there.”

All four bodies have been sent to Charleston for autopsy. From there police will be able to determine exactly what happened. Police currently believe the children were victims of homicide, but it’s too early to determine if the parents are responsible, or how the arson case is connected.

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