UPDATE: New details reveal that a Fayette County woman was murdered, found in an uninhabitable home

FAYETTEVILLE, WV (WOAY) – Wednesday night, a Fayette County man was arrested on alleged murder charges for the death of his girlfriend, Dawn Grose.

The investigation started back on July 24, 2019, on 470 Bachman Rd. Dawn’s cousin called the police requesting and wellness and welfare check after not seeing her cousin for over a year.

“The house was filthy, cluttered, and the remains were found in a room off to the side in a house that was blocked off, it wasn’t used,” said Fayette County Sheriff Mike Fridley.

While this is still an ongoing investigation, it hasn’t been determined as to why Renick allegedly murdered his girlfriend. It has been reported that Grose had sparked a romantic interest with another man.

Grose’s aunt told deputies that she had been staying at a residence belonging to Raymond Bickley Jr., who lives in Fayetteville and his nephew Jonathan Rogers.

When deputies interviewed Jonathan Robers, he told them that Dawn Grose had lived with him in July of 2018, but left for the doctor, and was never heard from since. Rogers said he and Bickley Jr. went to Renick’s house in an attempt to make contact with Grose.  Rogers noted that Bickley Jr. told him that he could see her standing in the window; however, he was not able to see her from his location.

When deputies interviewed Bickley Jr., he said that his wife, Kimberly Bickley Jr., was related to Grose and that Renick Grose’s relationship was volatile.  Bickley Jr. went on to say that his nephew Jonathan Rogers and Grose started a romantic relationship, and Grose moved in with Rogers at his house.  He also told police he could see Grose in the window, and she was making hand gestures as if she was not allowed to come outside because of Renick.  Bickley observed Renick in the yard and made an aggressive stance with a piece of wood.

When deputies returned to Renick’s home, they say there was no power or running water in the structure.  The inside was severely damaged from water, mold, animal feces, rats, and mice.  There was no working appliances, bedding, furniture, or any other habitable items in the home.  Deputies observed a large section of flooring that was rotten, and through a hole, they found what appeared to be a human skull and several large bones under the floor of the home.

According to the medical examiner’s report, there were forceful blows to the head, resulting in fragmentation and bone displacement in the areas of impact.  The strikes were severe, shattering the facial architecture and resulting in death.

Deputies believe it’s likely that Grose was feloniously killed.  Grose had not been seen or heard from by any immediate family members since July of 2018.  Renick was identified as one of the last individuals to be seen with Grose sometime in July of 2018.

Renick has been charged with first-degree murder.

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