UPDATE: Fayette County residents approve levy

UPDATE: FAYETTE COUNTY, WV (WOAY) – Fayette County voters approve renewing the fire levy.

The votes to renew the fire, library, and law enforcement levy passed by over 90%.

The levy will be good for another five years.


OAK HILL, WV (WOAY) – This voting election, voters are being asked to support a renewable levy. If the levy is not passed the Fayette County’s law enforcement, libraries and fire departments will be greatly impacted.

“We would probably be closing doors in about six months,” said Fayette County Library Director Becky Kellum.

Fayette County Library Director Becky Kellum says if the levy is not passed people in the community would have to drive long distances to access a library.

“The money that we receive through the levy takes care of the maintenance of the building and pays utilities. We receive money from the Library Commission which is the state and that pays our salaries,” said Kellum.

The special levy has been in effect since 1981.

“It keeps our law enforcement and our fire departments up and running and able to gets to people when they have emergencies and the same for the libraries,” said Fayette County Clerk Alicia Treadway.

February 5th is the last day for early voting.

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